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ViSalus Product Reviews – What Else Does ViSalus Have To Offer?

Most ViSalus product reviews focus on how different the products in ViSalus’ extensive line are from the other trending fad diets and weight loss and fitness programs of today. One of the most innovative products that ViSalus has created is the Vi-Shake that provides an entire well-balanced and nutritious meal in a “shake that tastes like cake”. These shakes are usually the main product that ViSalus product reviews look at. However, there is a long list of other ViSalus products that also provide great health benefits and deserve review.

ViSalus Product Kits

Although you can get the ViSalus shake on its own, many people get it in a Body by Vi challenge kit that comes along with other ViSalus products that help people to achieve the specific goals that they have set for themselves.

The Kits are:

The Transformation Kit –

This includes the shake mix, shake mix flavor mix-ins that offer more health benefits and variety in flavor, the NEURO energy drink mix, Vi-Slim Metab-Awake tablets, Vi-Pak Omega Vitals and Vi-Trim Clear drink mix.

The shake mix provides nourishment, so you can replace up to two meals a day with this mix. The flavor mix-ins can be added to the shake to get new flavors and also more health benefits. The Vi-Trim Clear drink mix helps to keep hunger at bay so you won’t feel deprived even though you are eating fewer calories. The Vi-Slim Metab-Awake tablets boost metabolism for faster weight loss and also keep energy levels up so you don’t feel tired and drained when you diet. The Vi-Pak Omega Vitals offers anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids. blog ve suc khoe va loi song

The Fit Kit –

This kit helps people to build muscle and endurance. It is perfect for those who are have very active lifestyles or are involved in athletics. It includes the shake mix and mix-ins, three flavors of Nutra-Cookies, and the ViSalus GO and PRO energy drinks.

The cookies provide a healthy snack between meals, and a good source of protein that will help you when you’re building muscles. The GO and PRO energy drinks ensure that you have the energy that you need to power through workouts or sports activities.

The Core Kit –

This is a good kit for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It includes the shake and mix-ins, a Vi-Pack vitamin and mineral supplement, and the NEURO energy drink.

The Vi-pack vitamin and mineral supplement provided in this kit is loaded with healthy anti-oxidants that can boost immunity and protect against the aging process.

There are also two basic Kits, the Shape Kit and the Balance Kit. These kits are for weight loss and weight maintenance, respectively, and they come with the shake and mix-ins with other ViSalus products being optional.

These kits are a great way to jumpstart your way to a healthier you and continue in your healthy path for a lifetime. However, since most ViSalus product reviews focus mainly on the shakes and the challenge kits, most people don’t really realize that they can buy these products individually. Thus, you can use these products regardless of whether you are following a specific fitness plan or not. So what are you waiting for? Why not start using ViSalus products today so you can start seeing the lifelong benefits as soon as possible?

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